JQuery’s website generally has a good list of plugins, but just as often seems to be lacking the latest and greatest and the ease of use is meh. So what I ended up doing was every time I saw a great jQuery plugin I would bookmark it. My bookmarks for awesome jQuery and Javascript tools were getting long, bloating up my browser. I’d go back to a bookmark thinking !this should be perfect! only to realize development stopped and/or was replaced with another plugin. So I thought to myself, me-o-my there has to be a better way to find/keep track of jQuery and Javascript plugins. Inspired by the usefulness of http://wp-snippets.com/, I decided I would make a site dedicated to my curated list jQuery plugins. My goal isn’t to have 3,000+ plugins of which only 10% are any good but rather a smaller set of actually useful quality plugins.

I myself am a front-end developer/designer who enjoys Javascript.